An experimental learning space of cocreation for training, innovation and acceleration of new ideas, products and businesses

Where ideas become reality

Its framework extends to a professional network of small manufacturers and artisans, servicing both emerging and established brands with prototyping, sample collection and small series production.

Located within the CTCP’s facilities, the CTCP FABLAB is equipped with the right tools to work in CAD system, modeling, cutting, sewing, assembly, finishing and packaging.

It also provides hot desking work space, prototyping resources, lab services, materials and expertise support for the duration of each project.

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What people say

“On a professional level it was very important. I've been a quality controller for about a year and a half. Having the knowledge from the beginning to the end of creating a shoe, from the idea to the packaging, answered me many questions and made me understand concepts that will help me to be a better professional, more prepared and informed to do my best in this job role.“

Mauro Moreira, Quality Control - footwear. Office High-end Shoe participant.

“The workshops promoted by CTCP allow us to grow as professionals who want to start working in the footwear sector. We have a broader view of all the processes and the complexity of 'giving life' to the shoes we have idealized. It gives us tools which allow us to be able, on one hand, to know how to produce and on the other hand to create models capable of being produced.“

Maria Inês, Footwear Designer. Fit2comfort Workshop participant.