An experimental co-generation / prototyping platform that acts on an integrated set of activities.



  • The creation and development of small or micro-enterprises, supporting them in the early stages of growth.
  • How it works
  • Simply reserve the equipment / spaces available at Shoe FabLab, bring materials, components and develop your project.
  • Basic services offered
  • Workspaces, meeting rooms and training rooms;
  • Equipment and tools for prototyping in a semi-industrial environment;
  • Networking activities;
  • Internet access and the small library with contents of Art History, Design, Business Management, Technical Information on Industrial Processes and Entrepreneurship.
  • Specialized services
  • Marketing assistance and / or business plans;
  • Technical assistance, compliance with standards or laboratory tests;
  • Access to specialized technicians or strategic partnerships;
  • Access to entrepreneurship or other support programs;
  • Management of Industrial Property Protection.
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